The best technology applied in each process


Committed to deliver a high quality product to our customers, we have excellent equipment to carry out the pasteurization process, packaging and storage under appropriate conditions, keeping the cold chain.


Manufacturing high quality products since 1992


Envagrif C.A. has a long trajectory the company has compiled 20 years in the national market, which allows it to accumulate experience for an efficient development of its activities.


We guarantee food safety in all our products


Our industrial plant complies with the quality standards required by the relevant control bodies, to ensure safety in our processes with a vision of getting quality products.

The fruit has a name MARÍA MORENA, fresh, healthy and nutritive

Fruit pulp preparation process

In ENVAGRIF we take care rigorously of each of the process to guarantee the quality of our products:

  • Supplier qualification

  • Fruit selection

  • Fruit washing

  • Sumo extraction

  • Pasteurization

  • Automatic packaging

  • Storage